HopBurst Nectaron

Tam, kde se používá studené chmelení pro přidání chmelové vůně k pivu  sládek čelí mnoha výzvám. Ztráty adsorpcí a nekonzistentní aroma lze překonat. Společnost Totally Natural Solutions Ltd vyvinula způsob, jak efektivně přidat aroma studeného chmelení při zachování kvality piva.



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HopBurst Nectaron

Balení : 15 ml

HopBurst® Nectaron® is offered as an exclusive hop oil only available from NZ Hops and TNS.  Nectaron® delivers a distinctive pineapple and passion fruit character.  Think sweet tropical fruits!  This is a bold variety which is well suited to modern beer styles and is excellent when added as a late addition.  Try Nectaron® hop oil as an alternative to dry hopping and prepare for consistent high quality hop aroma delivery.

Further technical information on dosing and application is found here.

Dose rate 5-15ml

Suggested beer styles: Lager, Pale Ale, Strong IPA, NEIPA

Recommended Addition:
Should be dosed at 5-40g/hectolitre (trial advised).
For best results add post fermentation and filtration, added direct into bright beer.

Start small.

HopBurst® products are highly concentrated. Dose with caution and perform benchtop trials before dosing the products into commercial batches. Dosing will depend on beer style and brewer preference.

Generally, we suggest:

Lager/Pale/Lighter Beer Styles: dose at 10-20 g/hL and increase as desired.

  • IPA/Hoppy Beer Styles: dose at 30-40 g/hL.
  • IMPORTANT: It is crucial to consider the composition of the beer flavour matrix. Characters from malt, yeast and alcohol content impact dose rate. Due to this, it is important to determine optimum dose rates per beer. For example, beers with high alcohol content may require dosages up to 60 g/hL.


 When should the products be added?


Post-fermentation addition with sufficient blending time (2-4 hours) is a good place to start. However, we acknowledge that every brew house is different and that every brewer will have differing opinions on late/dry-hop addition. We encourage experimentation and trials to determine optimum points of addition.


 How do I dose the products?

Ensure the product is properly mixed.

It is important to ensure that the product is evenly mixed and distributed. Select a dosing regime to ensure that the product can be evenly mixed. In benchtop trials, dose the products, swirl to mix, and let the products sit at least five minutes to marry with the beer matrix.


Totally Natural Solution ltd. neboli TNS je jedním z mála výrobců produktů na bázi chmele a sladu. Mezi jejich hlavní výrobky patří chmelové CO2 extrakty, koncentrované chmelové silice, sladové koncentráty a další.